June 28, 2019 Jakub

First STEPS are much EASIER on STAKI skis. And what´s more – it´s FUN

This year we went for our skiing course to Janske Lazne, as usual.

The first round was mainly occupied by pupils of 7th grade and they have had a chance to try our new course concept – downhill skis and cross-country skis for those who were interested.

Thanks to generous donation from LBCC Investment s.r.o. we have been able to rent a cross-country skis for all the curious children. In the end of the day, we were glad, that we tried the concept, as the interest was high above our expectations and there was only few individuals who haven´t ridden at at all.

Downhill beginners even had a chance to simplify their basics learning, using short STAKI skis. We really appreciate that STAKI Progress s.r.o. has provided us those safe and stable skis. Thanks to this learning tool, our beginners were doing big steps. Eventually they even tried to ride a final slalom.

We  see the most significant advantage of STAKI in its manageability and easier movement control, that kids need in order to handle the first steps, gain new motoric experience and get familiar with the piste.

Also, the elements of general ski training ( carrying, turns, walking on a plane, climbing up or falling and getting up ) are simplified due to the short ski dimension. Kids can handle these operations without any major troubles

For advanced skiers who have already done basic ski training, we prefer to use stanard size skis, as it is better for methodical learning and easier to build a correct posture, leaning forward. The skier on STAKI tends to lean back and slow down the ride.

So we see the strength of the skis in its beginner friendly use. Younger children will probably come in upcoming years, so we will have more novices.

Ales Zenahlik

teacher and ski instructor at the Elementary School Weberova, Prague 5

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