May 10, 2019 Jakub


During the spring holiday I had the opportunity to try nice and very unusual skis STAKI. I have to be honest, but I’m a below average skier. This feeling disappeared very soon.

On the first fay I prefered the classic carving skis. The snow was wet and heavy throughout the week and ski run was untidy in the afternoon. After the 3th ride I decided to try the STAKI skis. The adjusting the ski binding was very easy. The first ride was cautious, but I did not fall once and after a while I felt I was pretty confident.

Every ride was better than the last one. The rest of the first day and the rest of my holiday I was skiing just on the STAKI skis. The last day I tried my old skis again, but I did not handle any ride. I had some weird feeling that I had wooden legs. So I quickly returned to STAKI skis.

I started to enjoy the skiing with STAKI skis. Thanks to the short lenght and easy control. I had to concentrate so much on the ride with my old skis, but I really started to enjoy the skiing with STAKI skis.

The ski turns were made much easier. Somehow naturally by themselves. When I staggered and leaned back, the skis slowed down and I didn’t fall. On longer skis, I felt awkward. I just didn’t keep my feet together. With STAKI, it didn’t happen to me – I could easily keep my skis on my feet and reacted much more better on any situation.

I also appreciated the fact that at the end of the day I didn’t feel so tired after skiing.

Staki skis are easy to carry and they fits in the car. I took them just “for the case” that I might try them out. Finally, I was very happy to bring it with me.

So I can only recommend these skis:-)

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