February 10, 2019 Jakub

It´s a long story… From PROTOTYPE to STAKI skis

The spiritual father of Staki skis is the athlete and P.E. teacher Dušan Peterka. Thanks to his inventiveness and perseverance, he managed to develop his original invention of more stable skis with a special heel, and then built the first prototype.

The story of Staki skis begins in spring 2008. It was then when Dušan Peterka noticed a madman on the ski-slope who was riding in deep snow using special home-made skis. The front part of these skis was the same as with any ordinary downhill skis, but the rear part had been cut-off, and what looked like special metal dents were screwed to the heels from the bottom. Dušan struck up a conversation with the skier, and found out that he had made the skis with his own hands, and that they were intended for going down steep slopes with ungroomed surface. He had cut off the traditional heels, which were getting in the way when he needed to lean backwards, and he replaced them with metal-sheet attachments, which were screwed onto the skis askew. They fulfilled the function of stabilizing endings.

First steps…

Dušan found this innovation immensely intriguing. He realized that if this invention helps the rider keep balance on extreme slopes, it could be used on regular slopes to help beginner skiers, or those who have not skied in a while. In the two years that followed, Dušan made in his workshop, and later tested on ski slopes tens of versions of these improved skis. He even tried a version where the stabilizing ending was attached only to one of the skis. He concluded that the endings need to be equipped on their bottom side with special safety protrusions which will fulfill the role of brakes in the event that the rider should lose balance. He also designed a special binding with a movable tip, which should allow for the prototype to be used with ski boots of any size.

Cooperation with professionals…

Dušan’s efforts caught the attention of the ski producer Sporten, and the supplier of safety bindings Tyrolia – and they sure were excited about what they saw! In cooperation with them, he further improved the shape and design of the skis, so that the metal endings could be attached to the skis in a tasteful, as well as functional manner. In order to limit the weight of the skis, the endings were made using a special-made aluminum alloy. The producer of safety bindings Tyrolia also approved the use of modern movable bindings that had been recommended by Dušan. In 2011, the first short downhill skis with a stabilizing ending were made, and they were given the name Staki RX. The name is a blending of the English words stable and ski.

New improvements…

Unfortunately, Dušan Petrka died in a tragic car accident in 2014. His ideas, however, live on as an endless source of inspiration for all members of the Staki team. Working with Dušan’s wife Eva, we developed a new and improved model of these safe and stable skis – Staki Controls. This new version is equipped with a more perfect binding, and an improved stabilizing ending, which does not sit on the ski any more, but which is more naturally connected to the ski. This new connection is not only more aesthetic, but also more functional.

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