June 18, 2019 Jakub

On STAKI skis we feel CONFIDENT

Martin suddenly changed his life and could no longer ski

I have always liked to go for holidays together with my family or bunch of friends, both in summer and winter. It just slowly became more and more demanding, and somehow the boundaries of what I am capable of started to get worse.

Once, after the end of holidays, when a kilometre walk was already the best I could possibly do, double vision appeared.  The ophthalmologist was suspicious right away and sent me to neurological department. The diagnosis has confirmed – multiple sclerosis. Since then, one had to change many things. The first year after attacks, i was glad I’m tiredly surviving.

It took me a while to gradually return to some activities. Walking is not the best, I even need to use a trekking poles just to get somewhere. A bicycle has become a big friend of mine, but as I always say – at most around our city, where I don’t face many hills. Last year I got an electric bike as a gift to an anniversary and my range became much broader. After many years, I was able to see places up in Brdy around us again. Before I could only move around there with a finger on the map.

The last time I rode skis was in 2011, just on the same slope.  One year after the first attacks of multiple sclerosis, I skipped the season completely, but since that time, we keep on coming back with the friends and whole families. The only difference is, that now I’m only doing something like a service assistant over there, who is roaming around. In the morning I go and grab a mug of mulled wine from the kiosk and before the noon I sit down by the table in restaurant to reserve it for everybody else. So far it looked like I’m gonna be just a fan for the rest of my life.

But it all changed in March. My sister came to visit us in Jizerky with special skis.

I already had itchy fingers in last years, I had to try to ride the slope one or two more times again.  It wouldn’t be a problem – I could just borrow an equipment from my son, it would all fit. In the first years, I didn’t even believe, I could ride the cableway up the hill again, but then I started to get confident. Just the weather in past two years was quite unpleasant and the snowy winds didn’t tempt me.

So the opportunity to borrow and try the Staki skis came handy. After all, they looked more sympathetic then the long and big ones. I could manage those. So it came to the first morning when I allowed myself to put on the boots and slipped into the skis. The first moments frighten one, its actually slippery and after all I forgot a lot . Just to ride down fifty meters of slight slope down to the cash desk was challenging  and even the little kids have probably better style than me.

Then I went down for a first time. Carefully, but it was working out! The skis were manageable. When I made a mistake and went on the edge, the skis have helped me and I could fix it up. The first ride was hard, the muscles got sore, but I did succeed.

On the first day, we rode down few times, the muscle memory was coming back and I tried more and more. Even the falls were tolerable and better. It was amazing.

Then we came back on the slope two more times. It was better weather and with more practice I improved, afforded more and road faster. It became more easier, those unused parts of me started to move normally and it all worked as perfect rehabilitation:-) After all those years the special skis allowed me to enjoy mountains to the fullest.

If possible, next year I would like to repeat that and I can recommend the skies to anyone with tolerable health handicap.

Martin’s sister Slávka also enjoyed skiing on STAKI skis

Unlike my brother, I got different problem, my eye defect is like a rollercoaster. I do not have spatial vision at all, I can not estimate the distance very well and in bad conditions or in bad weather, I simply don’t see the path in the snow. Somewhat of a snow blindness, when you don’t know what’s up and what’s down.

I use short skies for many years already – it’s a much easier to control when you don’t see much. And those special short skies looked like much more fun. And so it was!

Even surprising stable on the first try, they turn smoothly and one even wants to jump when you feel how easy it is. Unfortunately, on our test ride, it was foggy, snowy and hard to see. However, I was sure I can dodge any unexpected object in the way.

They were great to turn with on hard snow as well as easy to manage on the rough surface. I definitely recommend to anybody who is maybe not confident enough to ride skis because of bad vision or balance defects.

Next time I’m with my brother, I am certainly going to try them in higher speed:-)



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