January 6, 2023 David

Testing of STAKI Skis at Elementary school

Our school ZŠ Kamenné Žehrovice school went on ski training again this year.

Since we were very satisfied with teaching beginners on Staki skis last time, we borrowed a few pairs again. This time it looked like we were going to have seven beginners, but in the end it turned out that there was never really just one sixth grade girl on skis. So she started learning Staki on the very first day. First she managed to ride on the carpet and after a short explanation of the beginnings of skiing, she went down a small slalom between the cones without any problems. After about half an hour, she went on a small lift and immediately mastered riding the lift without even falling.

And after an hour she was already going down Staki on the small training slope in the kindergarten. The next day she rode on the big lift and went down the slope just fine. She fell about 2 times during the whole day. On the third day we put her on her skis. She rode with her skis parallel, she used a plow to help herself in the turns, but at the end of the course she no longer used the plow. She rode with only minimal lean, because you don’t make this typical beginner’s mistake on Staki.

Lucka 6th year:

I rode well on Staki, I wasn’t afraid at all and I didn’t fall. The stacks didn’t go very fast, so I liked that. Learning on these short skis was very easy for me.This time we also used Staki for slightly advanced pupils in the 6th and 7th grades, who already skied, but rode in a plow and with a significant incline. Despite their initial distrust of short skis, David, Petra, Sára and Adéla tried riding Staki. After a short ride of about an hour on Staki, they understood riding in a parallel position of the skis and then transferred this experience to classic skis.

Petra, 7th grade:

At first I was afraid of those short skis, but I was surprised by how easily they turn. I enjoyed it and stopped driving the plow.

Adéla, 6th grade:

Riding Staki is easy, I could do it in a while and I couldn’t ride a plow. Then I immediately tried it on my skis. It helped me improve a lot.

Sára, 7th grade:

I tried the skis, I couldn’t plow them, but they didn’t go fast, so when I got back on my skis, I didn’t plow anymore.

As a ski school, we would like to recommend Staki to other schools for teaching and as an excellent and at the same time fun way to teach pupils to ski easily and with pleasure.
We won’t go without them next time..
Bára Benešová, teacher