With STAKI, I felt 100% more confident!

I’m an enthusiastic recreational skier and I’m in love with STAKI skis.

I didn’t learn to ski until I was 30 so I could ski with my kids. It’s been 20 years. We’ve been going to the mountains every year since then. Until the birth of my second son, who was born with the orthopedic defect Pes Equinovarus. And with a paralyzed peroneal nerve in his left leg. So I put the skis away because we had surgery and a spa every year instead of skiing.

When my son was 6, we went skiing. My son had an instructor, and after only 4 days, he skied down the kiddie slope pizza style. We thought it would be okay. But then the pandemic hit. It wasn’t until this year that we were able to go again. And unfortunately, it was like my son had never been on skis before. I found that at my age, my feet don’t listen to me as much as I’d like. And I also started to get more scared on skis. I was looking for short skis for myself and came across STAKI. I rented them, and Mr. David lent them to my son.

Great for me!!!!!I felt 100% more confident! For my son we had a problem at ski school. They didn’t want to teach him on STAKI skis. He struggled bravely on normal skis for two days. Then I said ENOUGH! I put him on the STAKI and went with him on my own. And world wonder, second run and he was riding ALONE! On the third day I told the instructor that he would have STAKI. After the first run she had to admit that it was 100% better. Yay! Unfortunately, sickness came, so he didn’t learn nice curves. Never mind, as soon as it snows again, we’ll borrow STAKI and hit the hills.

PS: I’m already saving up for my own.

Ilona D.