Skyiing with degenerative corneal effect

Slávka suffers from a degenerative corneal defect and Martin has multiple sclerosis. Both of them had to put their skis away due to their illness. But then they discovered the novelty from David Rubek’s workshop. My vision is like being snowblind, I just can’t see where I’m going, so it’s great for me to have short skis that are very stable and even if I ride into a bump or something else, it doesn’t matter, because I always manage to regain and maintain control. I thought that I would never return to skiing, and yet these skis allowed me to go back to the ski slope. These skis are very easy to ride, they are much more maneuverable than normal skis and they actually don’t do anything you wouldn‘t want them to do.
Slávka Hocká, Martin Hamet.