5 Reasons to try STAKI


STAKI is a very first patented product on the market of its character. It offers a safe ski experience to elderly people or people with various disabilities such as a multiple sclerosis.

Easy to learn

It is super easy for anyone to learn to ski with STAKI. Our ski is a proof that people with various movement disabilities can enjoy this popular winter sport despite their condition. 

Short and light

A pair of STAKI skis is easy to carry and travel with due to its perfect compactness. Fit them into your car trunk or take them with you on the train or plane. 100% travel friendly!

Safe and stable skiing

Thanks to the stabilization tail, you can approach any uneven surface without fearing to fall. You will feel balanced as the unique heel at the end always puts you back to stability.  


STAKI technology is suitable for seniors and individuals with limited mobility who do not want to give up this great winter sport even after suffering from accident, surgery or illness.

DISCOVER STAKILet's dust off your love for skiing! STAKI innovative skis will help you control your fear.

Never seen, never heard of before. STAKI is a brand new type of ski on the market. We dived really deep and invented this unique ski system from scratch, so we can bring you safe skiing! Our unique technology that allowed us to create the STAKI products, is patented in Europe and enables you to hit the slopes again courageously! Enjoy downhill, carve with confidence.

Our skis provide the best way of rehabilitation for the after injury period and for people with various disabilities. Multiple sclerosis patients approve! Try STAKI and see for yourself how easy it is to stand on the skis without self-doubt. STAKI is a perfect choice for the complete beginners, elderly or handicapped people.

By riding STAKI, you're supporting a unique technology that has been invented, assembled and safety tested in the Czech Republic. We believe that we have found a truly remarkable and revolutionary solution for everyone who wants to get back to skiing. 

Have you ever tried skiing? Did you use to like it once, but now you fear returning back to it? We are here to boost your confidence and put you back to the game!

STAKI Controls skis (3,2 ft and 10,5 lbs) are the new generation of skis from the Czech Republic. They are unique for their innovative tail that helps the skier maintain a balanced position and prevents him from falling on uneven surfaces.

BUY STAKIHave a lok at different designs of STAKI stable ski

STAKI Ski are compact, light and easy to cary

Length 3,2 ft

Weight lbs

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Skyiing with degenerative corneal effect

Slávka suffers from a degenerative corneal defect and Martin has multiple sclerosis. Both of them had to put their skis away due to their illness. But then they discovered the novelty from David Rubek’s workshop. My vision is...

Eva, skiing with Multiple Sclerosis

Eva has been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at a young age and has been fighting this auto-aggressive disease for over 30 years “For years, I have been trying not to give up and not to succumb to the fate. STAKI skies play an essential role in that and Im...

Wheelchair Sports Club Prague

The Wheelchair Sports Club Prague went to the traditional January beginner skiing course at MONOSKI. This year, before the beginning of winter, we were approached by STAKI, a company that produces innovative skis with a unique patent in the form of a special...

I could control skis like never before

Holidays in the mountains have always meant "survivivng the week" for me, but thist time i really enjoyed it and ended up not wanting to go back home 😉🎿 I wanted to take the skis  off in the first minute because I fell twice. The skis made me think about my...

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